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MADE IN THE USA AND FAMILY OWNED, We hope that you become a Raving Fan of our ProClear Epoxy Resin. Outstanding Customer Service and Superior Product is what our family prides ourselves on!

  • Jenna J - El Cajon CA

    I’ve tried many different brands of epoxy and this one by far is the best. When cured it’s crystal clear. Super easy to mix and work with.

  • Jessica J - Leavenworth WA

    I am in love with the ProClear Tumbler Epoxy! I used it for
    the first time because I saw the price and thought I would give it a try! The consistency of it is amazing, no smell and very easy to use! Love the final product and I will be purchasing it again!

  • Denise-Auburn, NY

    I just finished making Charcutier boards, and I debated for a while what I would use to coat the top of the painted wood to seal it. I saw a video that mentioned ProClear, but I wasn’t familiar with the product. I decided to try it and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. The epoxy was easy to use, I can’t wait to use the boards in my client gift baskets! 

  • Lilli- Big Sky, Montana

    I've tried most all and I always come back to ProClear. I'm not going to waste any more money trying new resin that comes out on the
    market. This is the resin for me because ProClear is always consistent, I know what to expect.

  • Shawn - Texas

    I will never use any other resin.  ProClear gives me perfect results every time I use it. People are Amazed at what my final product looks like when I sell at local craft shows!

  • Wendy - Knoxville, TN

    I've created such awesome projects with ProClear. It's my favorite brand simply because of it's safety properties & gorgeous finish!

  • Vanessa-Philadelphia

    Love working with ProClear, customer service is great and helped me with some questions that I had! The deep pour was super clear and I am very happy!

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