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ProClear Epoxy Resin

Premium Clear Epoxy Resin for Tumblers UV Absorber 1 Gallon Kit

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Our A+ Crafters Choice Tumbler Epoxy Coating with UV Coating is a crystal clear epoxy resin commonly used for Tumblers 

Just what you have been looking for...An epoxy resin that was purposefully made just for tumblers with a UV Coating to keep your Tumblers looking crystal clear on your final product.  This cost-effective product is easy to work with, scratch-resistance, UV Stable, and yields a Crystal Clear Finish.

  • Food Safe & Odor-Free:  We formulated Tumblers Coating Epoxy with 100% food-safe, FDA-compliant ingredients and made sure that it is odor-free with low VOCs. 
  • Gorgeous Glass-Like Finish: Sell your tumblers for top dollar thanks to the hard, scratch-resistant, clear glass-like finish. Mixes so smoothly that bubbles disappear! 
  • Easy 1:1 Mixing Ratio: No complicated math is needed here! Simply mix equal parts resin and hardener to get the volume your project needs and create less waste!
  • Fast Cure & Predictable Working Time: We know how important it is to know how much time you have to work with resin materials! Tumblers Coating Epoxy has a working time of 40-50 minutes and cures FAST so your projects will look fantastic.

1 Gallon kit (1/2 Gallon-Part 1 and 1/2 Gallon- Part 2 equals 1 Gallon Kit).  The full cure is 16-24 hours at normal conditions.  

PLEASE NOTE: Cure times will vary depending on mass and temperature. Full cure is typically 16-24 hours, based on a room temperature of 77F.  Cold weather slows cure. Any polishing or sanding of cured pieces should be done after a full cure (24 hours). Mixing resin can be tricky. If you experience any negative results, such as tacky or uncured resin, please check out our help docs on our website. 

When applying this product, use gloves, goggles, and proper safety equipment. Please refer to the safety data sheet before using any of our epoxy products.

Mixing Instructions will be included with the kit and can be found our website by following this link


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