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ProClear Epoxy Resin

Black Diamond Pigments - Mica Powders

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These high-quality, Professional grade mica pigments powders will add vibrant color to any project!

Use for plastics, slime, epoxy, nail polish, automotive paint, lacquer,  resins, bath bombs,  lip stick, lip balm, crafts,  jewelry, Plastidip, lotions, creams, plastic resins, embossing, wood and much more!  Please note: Do NOT use with concrete the color will not be the same as displayed.

Non-Toxic Professional Grade Mica

ALL Black Diamond pigments are ethically sourced 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

These mica powders comes with easy resealable jars for a reliable long lasting seal. 

Each color is approximately 50 grams of high-quality powdered pigment. 

  • Olive Yellow
  • Cambridge Blue
  • 24k Gold
  • Matte Green
  • Burple
  • Liquid Fire
  • Light Blue Galaxy
  • Golden Purple Rain